Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Anniversary Felix

It was on this day, in an unknown year, that "Felix Unger was asked to remove himself from his place of residence." And thus was born one of the greatest sitcoms in TV history, "The Odd Couple." (I'm going to say 40th anniversary, as the show debuted in September 1970. And I guess I really shouldn't say "Happy Anniversary" to Felix, but he did get back with his wife on the show's final episode.)

He went to live with his buddy and best friend Oscar Madison. I've seen every episode of the show at least 100 times in my life, and I'll probably watch each another hundred times before I die. I just wish someone would bring the show back, and at a decent time.

So in honor of my favorite photographer and sportswriter, here is the original opening from the first season in 1970:

And a Happy Friday the 13th to you all as well.

UPDATE: There's an "Odd Couple" marathon tonight at 11 PM on Channel 11 WPIX here in NYC. It's got some of my favorite episodes of all time, including "Password." They're doing it in honor of Felix' "anniversary." Nice job, WPIX! Thanks to my friend Lisa for letting me know about it.

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