Thursday, August 03, 2006

Q Off Q, For The First Time Ever

I was watching the Cubs-Diamondbacks game on the MLB package today, when analyst Mark Grace mentioned an historic moment occurred in baseball history that received very little fanfare. Last weekend, Arizona rookie Carlos Quentin hit a home run off Chad Qualls of the Astros last Saturday in Houston. It turns out it was the first time in MLB history that a hitter with the last name starting with Q hit a home run off a pitcher with the last name beginning with Q.

The Omnipotent Q was thoroughly impressed and proud, and I'm shocked that this great moment in baseball history was just about ignored by the media at-large.

Shame on all of them.


Michael Leggett said...

Should make ESPN, but when do they cover anything relevant.

Chris Wertz said...

Sounds like a case of quid pro quo.

Michael G. Benoit said...

Good thing you're on the case, Q.