Friday, August 11, 2006

My Opinion, In Yesterday's New York Post

This afternoon, I got a call on my cell from my friend Greg, who lives in New Jersey. He called to tell me that he was looking at the New York Post's Letters to the Editor section in Thursday's paper, and he saw a familiar name with one of the letters, and lo and behold, it was me!

I usually get both the Post and Daily News every day, but yesterday I went to Shea Stadium early, and didn't get a chance to see the papers. I wrote a letter last Friday to the Post about a column that their gossip columnist, Cindy Adams, had written about the new Oliver Stone film, "World Trade Center." She basically tore the movie apart, and seemed to dwell on silly background parts of the movie (like pointing out the time the polls opened on the morning of September 11). I thought it wasn't a fair assessment of the film, so I wrote a letter to the editor to voice my opinion. (Of course, she is entitled to her opinion. I just thought her column was way off base, and she seemed to entirely miss the point of making the film.)

The Post printed four letters, and mine was the final one. I had checked the paper since Sunday, but I had pretty much given up that they would print it. Wouldn't you know it, they printed it on Thursday, when I didn't get the edition.

I found it online today, so for those of you who'd like to read it, here it is:

As someone who lost a dear friend on 9/11, I thought Oliver Stone did a magnificent job with his new film.

Seeing the movie was a very emotional experience. Stone has honored both the victims and the rescuers with an emotionally draining but, more importantly, uplifting film about those who risked their lives to save others on the worst day in American history.

Adams is entitled to her opinion, but she seems to be in the minority in terms of those who have seen the movie.

I've never been a big Stone fan, but he is to be commended for making such a powerful film.

He took a huge risk, but he has done the 9/11 heroes proud.
John Brian Quinn

My letter was edited very slightly, but the Post printed the heart of my letter. My thanks to Greg for letting me know about my letter.

And thanks so much to the Post for letting me voice my opinion in their paper.


Peter N said...

Hey JBQ...I don't often see that paper, unless I know something of interest is included, and if that's the case I go to their website. Great letter......and a great night last night. Well on our way to a 10-1 homestand. I can dream, can't I??? And that homestand will conclude with 5 straight wins...I forgot who we play in those games.......not.

Michael Leggett said...

Great Letter:

Cindy may just have it in for Oliver Stone, for his PAST, alone.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Thanks for the kind words Peter and Michael. I love your optimism, Peter. Keep the Faith, as they say...