Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Rain and The D-Rays: A Tough Combo

It was a bit of a slow night at Professor Thom's last night, as we had our monthly "Kayreoke" broadcast in the bar. The crowd was rather light for two reasons: the Red Sox were playing the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (the bar is never crowded playing them), and the rainy chilly night certainly kept some people away.

But we did manage to have Kayreoke for three innings, and I did the announcing of the long top of the fourth when the Red Sox scored five runs. It was definitely the longest single outing of Kayreoke I've ever done. The documentary filmmakers from Bombo Films were in, and I even did a segment with them as I was trying to get people to sign up to do a half-inning (but without much success).

It was still a fun night as the Red Sox and Jon Lester won, 8-6. Lester wasn't sharp at all, giving up 5 runs on two home runs in 5 1/3 innings. It was a little touch and go there at the end, as the pesky D-Rays wouldn't go away, cutting a five-run Red Sox lead down to 2. Jonathan Papelbon looked spectacular, striking out three of the four hitters he faced in 1 1/3 innings for his 30th save. He's now the first Red Sox reliever ever to get two 30-save seasons.

The hit of the night was David Ortiz' first inning triple to drive in the first run. Ol' Wheels was rumbling around the bases on a gapper he hit and just beat the throw into third. It was his first triple since last September.

Later during the game, my buddy Joe turned to me and said, "I shouldn't have to get nervous in games against Tampa Bay, but I am."

I said in response, "The Red Sox always make me nervous."

The Mets came from behind in the ninth to win, 7-6, and a few Mets fans in the bar cheered. Many stayed in the bar as the Yankees game in Anaheim was beginning, and the Angels jumped out a quick 2-0 lead. In the second, they batted around against Mike Mussina and knocked him out with the score, 7-1. The bar was jumping, but from their I called it a night. I caught the remained of the carnage at home and saw the Angels wallop New York, 18-9, as Garret Anderson had a night for the ages, driving in 10 runs with two homers.

As I write this, the Red Sox lead is now 6 games. Daisuke Matsuzaka goes for the sweep tonight at St. Petersburg.

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