Friday, August 03, 2007

The Great Yankee Savior Gets Pummeled

There was another "Clemens Massacre" yesterday (I was at the most famous one in 1999, when the Red Sox drove him from the mound in Game 3 of ALCS at Fenway), as the Chicago White Sox blistered The Traitor for 8 runs on 9 hits (although just three were earned due to a Robinson Cano error). Not only was Clemens driven from the mound, many Yankee fans booed as the carnage was taking place and as he exited that inning.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Not enough bad things can happen to that asshole on a baseball diamond to make me happy. And watching him get his head handed to him, and watching his "beloved" Yankee fans turn on him was a sight that brought me great joy.

But the Yankees bailed his ass out, as they tied the score later in the inning. (The only drawback of the day is that Clemens didn't get the loss.) But the White Sox grabbed the lead later on, and then beat up on the man the Yankees are counting on in the eighth to get them to Mariano Rivera, Kyle Farnsworth (are they kidding??) with two solo homers and the White Sox won, 13-9.

The Yankees may have been showing lots of firepower over the last week, but they were beating up on crappy pitching from weaker teams. The glaring weaknesses they have (mediocre starting pitching, faulty defense, and rotten late inning relief) were on display yesterday for the world to see.

Clemens is now 3-5 with a 4.23 ERA in 11 starts. He sure was worth the king's ransom they're paying him now, right? They couldn't find some mediocre pitcher off the waiver wire to give them the same production? Heck, it's their money.

BTW, did anyone else catch this quote from Clemens regarding the Yankees eight-run second inning: "It was neat that they climbed back into it." (From Michael Morrissey in today's New York Post.) Notice that Clemens referred to his Yankee teammates as "they" and not "us" or "we?" Players usually refer to opponents as "them" and teammates as "us."

Interesting, and it makes you wonder just how detached he is from this team...

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Michael Leggett said...

Roggggggahhhhh is a FAT, SELFISH, Self-Serving, Roided a--hole, who only had enough to spew his flatulence onto the field of play:

But his teammates as "They"? Hew spewed this in the NY Post?

I wondered WHY Jeter & Pettitte, jumped up & down like schoolgirls, when Roger announced his comeback.