Tuesday, July 03, 2012

I Love The Red Sox, It's Just The Media I Hate

My pal Jere over at A Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory is organizing an "Anti-Boston Sports Media Weekend" at Fenway Park for this weekend's four-game series with the Yankees.

Like many of you Sox fans out there, Jere is tired of the BS the media (especially the Boston media) pulls, especially on the fans. They thrive on negativity around our team, and this weekend, Jere will be bringing signs to the games, and is encouraging fans to bring their own as well.

Jere emphasizes staying away from profanity and keeping the signs down when the game is going on. Here are some of his sign suggestions:

The only thing TOXIC around here is the MEDIA

Boston Sports Media: Shut Up / Leave Our Red Sox Alone / Leave Papi (or whoever) Alone / Nobody's Here to see You / Save the drama for your mama / LET THEM PLAY

Beer / Chicken / Golf / Charity Work IS NOT A CRIME

Players & Fans: BOYCOTT the Boston Sports Media

Let's run the MEDIA out of town

I love the Red Sox, it's the media I hate

Go Red Sox, Go Home Media

Boston Sports Media Does Not Represent Red Sox Fans

Sports Radio Callers Are NOT Fans

I only boo the MEDIA (and the Yankees)

I will admit there are some members of the Boston media who have my respect (like Gordon Edes and Steve Buckley), but too many write and spew their crap just to make a name for themselves, and it has tarnished the reputation of good Red Sox and Boston fans everywhere. (I have absolutely given up on listening to sports talk radio, as it's a haven for nitwits. And I've also given up totally on the tabloid papers here in NY.) I won't be at any games this weekend, but I fully support Jere's efforts.The games will be on many national outlets this weekend, like Fox, ESPN and the MLB Network.

Keep it clean and respectful if you choose to join in, folks. Go get 'em, Jere!

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