Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fenway Here I Come

Yours Truly will be attending his first Red Sox Opening Day at Fenway Park, as I got the word yesterday that I'll be attending the festivities when the Sox take on the Evil Empire on April 4th. I only wish it could have been a day game, but since MLB sold their souls to television, it will be the Sunday Night game. (And on Easter Sunday night no less.)

I'll be going up with The BLOHARDS, my favorite group of Red Sox fans in New York, and I'll be going up with them on their famous bus trip. Totally psyched!

John Lackey looked terrific today, as the Red Sox beat the Mets, 8-2 at Port St. Lucie. He pitched three shutout innings. Sad news about Jose Reyes and his thyroid condition, and he may have to sit for 2-8 weeks. I wish him well.

I watched the MLB Network's "30 Clubs In 30 Days" show today, and it was an hour-long breakdown on the Red Sox and their chances in 2010. Report was really upbeat, and all the reporters seemed to think the Red Sox had a great off-season and will go to the postseason. And I loved their Top 9 moments in Red Sox history. Here they are in reverse order:

9. Ted Williams bats .406 in 1941
8. Ted Williams homers in his final at-bat in 1960
7. Dave Henderson's 9th inning homer in the 1986 ALCS, Game 5
6. Red Sox win the 1967 pennant at home over the Twins
5. Carlton Fisk's game-winning home run in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series
4. David Ortiz' two game-ending hits in the 2004 ALCS
3. Curt Schilling wins Game 6 of the 2004 ALCS with "The Bloody Sock"
2. Johnny Damon's two blasts cap the greatest comeback in postseason history in 2004
1. Back to Foulke (and you know the rest)

The show will be repeated at 10 PM tonight, and it will be shown many times before the season starts. Check the MLB Network's web site for times. You'll enjoy it.


Jere said...

Glen Close "hosted" a category on Jeopardy! tonight.

I don't like how there are no 2007 moments in there. People seem to love the Drew grand slam, but I still say Pedroia's homer in Game 7 was the key hit of that postseason.

And how does the Roberts steal not only not get #1, but not make the to 9?

And pre-TV stuff gets the shaft, too. How could a 10th-inning run to win the deciding game of a World Series (1912) not be one of the top 9?

Jere said...

Also, I'll be at Opening Night too! I've got RF GS, but not way out in neck-craning territory.

Jere said...

Watching the Phils' top 9--they put the 2008 last out at #1 and 1980 last out at #2!! Then the host comes back on and says '80 was bigger, duh.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Sorry I missed Jeopardy tonight! Would have tuned in if I knew my pal was hosting a category!

I think they call it "Prime 9" so that might mean its in the TV era, Jere. Then again, maybe not.

Don't know exactly where I'll be, Jere, but I believe The BLOHARDS usually get the RF grandstand also. Let you know when I find out.

Jere said...

That other show is Prime 9, but these were just "top 9 moments," so they have no excuse...

Yeah so Close actually had a little intro she did for the category where she mentioned that show you're on. Then for each clue it was her on video saying the clue. She did a good job.

Rick said...

Yes - will definitely have to catch the replay. They probably should have put something from 2007 in there just for the heck of it (I do vote for JD Drew grandslam). That grand slam by Drew always strongly mitigates any feeling I have that he is disappointing - just like Dice K winning game 7 of the ALCS and a game in WS makes me feel the same.

2004 - we could have about 30 highlights from those last 8 games

The Omnipotent Q said...

No question, Rick. I knew 2004 would dominate their list, as it should. Sorry not to see 2007 represented on it...