Thursday, March 18, 2010

Captain Lou: Sore Loser

I was looking at some YouTube videos last night when I stumbled across a classic wrestling video from the WWWF (when it was known as the World Wide Wrestling Federation). It's from 1977, and it's when a "Manager of the Year" award was being given out after a fan vote.

Vince McMahon introduces the four finalists (I think there were only four managers back then anyway): Freddie Blassie, The Grand Wizard, Captain Lou Albano and Arnold Skaaland (who was managing Bob Backlund). McMahon eliminates the bad guys from the award one by one. (I love when the Grand Wizard says, "You'll be hearing from my attorney!")

Finally it's down to Albano and Skaaland. Albano expects to win but Skaaland gets the nod. The crowd goes crazy and so does Albano. He attacks both McMahon and Skaaland from behind with the trophy, sending them both flying through and over the ropes, and then he destroys the Manager of the Year trophy.

Classic stuff. I actually remember watching this on Channel 9 back in 1977, and falling down laughing when it occurred. It's amazing this clip turns up 33 years later. The glory that is YouTube.

Anyway, Lou Albano died just a few months ago (actually all four of the managers are gone now) and in his memory, I dedicate this clip to him.

Thanks for the laughs, Captain Lou:

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