Monday, March 29, 2010

He Won't Be Getting Faced This Sunday

Well, not everyone's happy the bars around Fenway Park will shut on Easter Sunday night, which is also Opening Day for the Red Sox.

Here's another of those funny "Hitler's pissed" video parodies, this time The Fuhrer's not happy he can't get drunk before Sunday's Sox clash with The Evil Empire:

BTW, I love in this video when the Hitler guy says "Stalin," it is translated as "Dan Shaughnessy." Classic. With thanks to my friend Jere for the link to the video.

Also, the Fuhrer (and everyone else) will have three opportunities this week to see the Red Sox on TV before the regular season begins. Tonight against Tampa Bay on the MLB Network at 7 PM, and on ESPN on Tuesday (vs. TB) and Thursday afternoons (vs. Minnesota) at 1 PM.

Congratulations to the Red Sox on winning the Mayor's Cup over the Twins yesterday, with an 11-5 win. It was their fourth win in the seven-game series with their Ft. Myers rivals. Hopefully, it's just the first in their collection of winning hardware in 2010.

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