Sunday, March 14, 2010

England Loses Beckham; LT to Jets

Tough break for England and their World Cup chances as David Beckham, on loan from the Los Angeles Galaxy and playing in Italy, suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon in a match for AC Milan today against Chievo, and will miss the World Cup in South Africa this June. He simply reached down to feel his heel during a break in the match and collapsed. More from the Boston Herald.

Beckham will have surgery tomorrow and will probably miss close to six months, and at his age (he's 35 in May), an Achilles injury is tough to bounce back from. Good luck to him.

LaDanian Tomlinson also has made choice as to which team he'll play for in 2010, and it won't be the Minnesota Vikings. He will ink a two-year deal with the New York Jets. Yes, LT is back in New York. (No, not THAT LT...)

I thought the Vikings had a good shot at him, to take Chester Taylor's place in the backfield. But he will probably get more chances to handle the ball with the Jets than he would have with the Vikes.


John Brooks said...

It's symbolically a tough break for England, Quinn, but I don't think it really has a functional impact on our chances. It would be nice to have him along (especially since England finally has a chance to win), but what he adds to the team athletically at this point is a little questionable, as is whether he really would have done much more than occupy the bench and cheer. I'm sorry he won't be able to play and potentially become a part of history, but I seriously don't view it as bearing and impact on the fate of the team.

The Omnipotent Q said...

I don't think it kills England's chances by any stretch, John. Sad that Beckham won't get another World Cup shot, more than anything else.