Thursday, June 22, 2017

Trivia Q&A: June 21

We had a very lively night of Trivia at Professor Thom's last night, with 15 teams taking part in the festivities. The crowds have been going up steadily since we returned to the main floor a few weeks ago, and it was good to see a big crowd back in. It was a tight race all night, as we had a five-way tie for fourth place after the second round, but still had five teams bunched together as we headed into IQ Trivia. But the team of Let's Not Call it a Miss Trial, Cosby Might Try to Roofee Her! came out victorious, getting 42 points and the win by five points. (Our friends from DIMS, who have racked up many wins, were not in the bar last night.) Congratulations to Michael and Brad, both Trivia regulars who hooked up as a team for the first time to grab the W.

Second place was actually a tie with 37 points between Jeter Swallows and Otto Warmbier's Travel Agents. We broke the tie with the question: "What is Pittsburgh's current population?" (It was based on the answer to an IQ question.) Jeter Swallows was the closest to the actual answer and got second place.

Best Team Name: Booty and The Beast

Current Events
1. Anita Pallenberg, a former model, died last week at the age of 73. With what rock guitarist was she a former girlfriend & mother of three of his children?
2. What American city honored the memory of late actor Adam West last Thursday by flashing the 'bat signal" from their city hall?
3. What rock star will make his Broadway debut this November, playing five nights a week for eight weeks at the Walter Kerr Theater?
4. announced on Friday that is was buying what grocery chain, which has 460 stores, for $13.7 billion?
5. Director John G. Avildsen died last Friday at the age of 81. He directed such films as "The Karate Kid" and "Lean On Me", but what 1976 film earned him the Oscar for Best Director?
6. At least 62 people were killed when more than 60 forest fires broke out in what western European country this past weekend?
7. Actor Stephen Furst died this past Saturday at the age of 63. He was best known for playing Flounder in the classic film "Animal House", but what 1980s medical TV drama did he play Dr. Elliott Axelrod?

2000s Movie Trivia
1. George Clooney won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 2005 for what film?
2. The 2009 film "Inglorious Basterds" was set during what war?
3. Lindsay Lohan joins what A-list clique at her school in the 2004 film "Mean Girls?"
4. In the 2008 film "Fred Claus", who played the title character, the brother of Santa Claus?
5. What controversial director won an Academy Award in 2003 for the film "The Pianist?"
6. What was the name of the first sequel in the Harry Potter film series, released in 2002?
7. Name 2 of the 5 highest grossing films in the US in the decade of the 2000s.

The Q Train: True Or False Trivia
1. The dime is the only US coin that has no reference to either "cent" or "dollar" on it.
2. The Bronx is the largest of NYC's five boroughs in terms of area.
3. Fingernails grow faster than toenails.
4. Brad Pitt has been nominated twice in his career for the Best Actor Oscar.
5. Vladimir Putin & George W. Bush were both elected president for the first time in the same year.
6. In 2006, after opening to the general public, Facebook reached the 1 million user mark in 9 months.
7. Kim Kardashian won three beauty contests in her teenage years.
8. One of Charlie Chaplin's relatives starred on the TV series "Game of Thrones."
9. George Washington appeared on the first US postage stamp.
10. "NCIS" was the most watched program on TV for the 2015-16 season.

General Knowledge
1. The disease scurvy is caused by a deficiency of which vitamin? ( 1 pt)
2. Olympic Airlines is the national airline of what country? ( 1 pt)
3. In what city would you find McGill University, perhaps its nation's most prestigious university? ( 2 pt)
4. What celebrity was prosecuted by James Comey in the early 2000s? ( 2 pt)
5. Who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize? ( 2 pt)
6. What movie actress is the mother of "Fifty Shades of Grey" star Dakota Johnson? ( 2 pt)
7. What current TV show's title character has a postgraduate degree from the University of American Samoa? ( 3 pt)

IQ Trivia
1. A July 23, 1985 press conference announced the return to the shelves of what product, after an absence of nearly three months? ( 4 points)
2. In Netflix's new TV hit, how many cassette tapes does Hannah Baker leave behind to explain her suicide? ( 4 points)
3. On November 19, 1950 at 12:30 PM, the Chicago Historical Society celebrated a notable anniversary by displaying all five extant copies of what document? ( 4 points)
4. The Allegheny and Monongahelia Rivers join together to form the Ohio River in what city? ( 3 points)
5. In 2013, what two Oscar-winning actresses topped Quigley Publishing's list of "Top Money-Making Stars", the first two women to do so since 1932? ( 5 points)

Current Events
1. Keith Richards; 2. Los Angeles; 3. Bruce Springsteen; 4. Whole Foods; 5. "Rocky;" 6. Portugal; 7. "St. Elsewhere."

2000s Movie Trivia
1. "Syriana;" 2. World War II; 3. The Plastics; 4. Vince Vaughn; 5. Roman Polanski; 6. "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets;" 7. Avatar, The Dark Knight, Shrek 2, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Spider-Man.

The Q Train: True or False Trivia
1. true; 2. false, Queens; 3. true; 4. true; 5. true; 6. false, 100 million; 7. false, none; 8. true; 9. false, Ben Franklin; 10. false, Sunday Night Football.

General Knowledge
1. C; 2. Greece; 3. Montreal; 4. Martha Stewart; 5. Marie Curie. 6. Melanie Griffith; 7. "Better Call Saul."

IQ Trivia
1. Original Coca-Cola; 2. 13 (13 Reasons Why); 3. Gettysburg Address; 4. Pittsburgh; 5. Jennifer Lawrence & Sandra Bullock.

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