Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Happy 2016 to You All

This is my final post at The Mighty Quinn Media Machine for the year ending 2015. It's been a slower year than any year since I started writing this blog in 2006.

This is just my 94th post of the year (and 4,741st overall). The number is down considerably since I last did any Trivia earlier this year. I haven't landed a new gig yet, but I am still itching to get back in. (Once again, if anyone knows a bar in Manhattan that's looking for a new host, please do drop me a line at: Thanks.)

It was also another off year for the Red Sox, so I wasn't writing as much had this been a championship year. And with the many improvements they've made since the 2015 season, I suspect I'll be writing more in 2016 about them.

I'll be ringing in the New Year in the comfort of my home, watching the Twilight Zone, The Honeymooners and The Odd Couple marathons on TV. Go to Times Square? No chance. Only three types of people go there on New Year's Eve: cops, tourists and pickpockets.

So let me wish you and yours all the best for 2016. Thanks always for supporting my blog, wherever in this world you hail from.

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