Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Any Given Monday"

Usually when you hear the name "Dr. James Andrews" when it comes to modern day athletes, the first thing you think of is "uh-oh."

That means the athlete has some kind of serious problem, and it usually means he'll be out for a while if he needs to see the best-known sports surgeon in the country. And anybody who is anybody in the sports world in recent years has seen Dr. Andrews at one time or another.

Dr. Andrews has now written a book called "Any Given Monday: Sports Injuries and How to Prevent Them For Athletes, Parents and Coaches- Based On My Life In Sports."

It chronicles not just his 40 years as being the physician to the sports stars, but it also gives suggestions and advice to young athletes pursuing just about every contact sport you can possibly think of:  from the ones with high rates of injury like football, baseball and hockey, to ones of lesser risks like golf and swimming.

Dr. Andrews also talks about the high rate of serious injury in cheerleading. You learn something new every day!

The good doctor also devotes time in his book to debunking some commonly held sports myths, such as "no pain, no gain", and how Tommy John surgery will improve pitching performance. He also points out the higher risk for female athletes for knee injuries in noncontact sports, as opposed to their male counterparts.

There's a lot of interesting, as well as useful information in "Any Given Monday" that will benefit not just the younger athletes, but those who have been battling problems in their particular field.

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