Monday, May 03, 2010


A blow out win for the Red Sox.

It's about time: 17-8 over the L.A. Angels.

The Red Sox pulled out the whoopin' sticks on Monday night and finally made somebody pay. Home runs from Youk, Bill Hall, Adrian Beltre (finally!) and Dustin Pedroia.

Both Mike Lowell and J. D. Drew had four-hit nights, with Lowell getting four RBI (and three doubles) and Drew three knocked in. Lowell clearly deserves more time in the DH slot.

Beltre had three RBI. Every regular had at least two hits, except Scutaro and Pedroia, who had one each.

Clay Buchholz struggled to get his first Fenway win of 2010, going 5 2/3 innings and giving up four runs.

Did anyone else notice that Don and Jerry were giving updates on the Bruins win all night, but not one score on the Celtics win in Cleveland all night long?

And finally, a note to Theo Epstein: DFA Scott Schoeneweis. Right now. If this guy can't throw strikes with a 13-run lead, what's he doing on the roster at all?

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Rick said...

yes that is strange about the no Celts update. Just a great Boston sports night. Let's get this thang going