Monday, May 03, 2010

Damn Straight

Theo Epstein, after yesterday's latest debacle:

"It's not the time for excuses or sugar-coating it. We've played bad baseball. It's a bad stretch of play and when you do that at the start of the season, it looks even worse. We haven't played well, there are no excuses for how we've played. We haven't played smart baseball; we haven't really played aggressive baseball."

"We have to own it, take responsibility for it and recognize that it has to change. It's a very disappointing stretch of play. But it's also an opportunity confront it and show some leadership."

Pete Abraham pointed out today that 20 of the next 23 games will be against contenders, and by May 26th, we'll have a good idea what kind of a season this will be for the Red Sox.

I figure they must win at least 15. If they slog through the rest of this month there is a very real possibility the Sox may well be sellers by the trade deadline.

That is almost incomprehensible. But it may become a reality.


Tex said...

Yah, not much else a GM can say at this point. I feel like they throw in names in a hat then pick out who's going to play tonight.
I know we have players who have the skills but it's not enough....they're not playing as a team. I think they need team building exercises ;)

John Brooks said...

They need to fire Dave Magadan. Period.

The Sox have been utterly incapable of hitting good pitching for too long now, a fact only disguised by when Manny was hitting in the middle of the order, because Manny could hit just about anything. I hate to single out one person, and it's not the only problem the Sox currently have, but when you look at pitching, you know it's going to improve in time, and you knew it was going to take some time to settle in anyway. But Magadan has failed at his job so profoundly that his continued employment is just profane at this point.