Sunday, January 24, 2010

Win It For...

In October 2004, the good folks over at the Sons of Sam Horn message board started a thread called "Win It For," as the Red Sox were closing in on the first World Series championship in 86 years. Fans named everyone from former Red Sox players to their dead grandfathers as to who they'd like to see the Red Sox win that championship for. It even spawned a successful book.

Well, in that vein, I have my own list of "Win It For" that I'd like to see the Minnesota Vikings get in their first Super Bowl since January 1977 get there for.

Win It For:
Fran Tarkenton. Joe Kapp. Bill Brown. Chuck Foreman. Alan Page. Carl Eller. Jim Marshall (who belongs in the Hall of Fame). Gary Larsen. Ron Yary. Mick Tingelhoff. Paul Krause. Karl Kassulke. John Gilliam. Bobby Bryant. Nate Wright. Jeff Wright. Fred Cox. Wally Hilgenberg. Jeff Siemon. Tommy Kramer. Joe Senser. Matt Blair. Jake Reed. Anthony Carter. Darren Nelson. Cris Carter. Robert Smith. Gary Anderson. Randall McDaniel. Daunte Culpepper. John Randle. Robert Griffith. And for every player who wore those Vikings colors proudly.

Win It For:
Every member of the Purple People Eaters who went to a Super Bowl and came home without a ring. Every member of the 1969, 1973, 1974 and 1976 teams who likewise came away with nothing. And for every member of the 1998 team who went 15-1 and never got to play in the ultimate game to show how great they were.

Win It For:
Norm Van Brocklin. Jere Burns. Dennis Green. And especially for Bud Grant.

Win It For:
The Twin Cities. Mary Tyler Moore. Prince. Every Vikings fan who suffered those mediocre teams of the last three decades, and the ones who just missed winning it all, and who longs to see their beloved boys in purple and gold win a Super Bowl before they die.

Win it for all of us. The time is now.

Just win it. Get us to Miami.


Tex said...

Today is a tough day for me.

For starters, I'm not really die hard into football. If I was, I should be a Cowboys fan as I was one when I was younger...but I lost interest after Waters and Staubach left and thugs came up.

I got more into college football as I got into college baseball.

But this year with The Saints doing so well...(an ex bf is an avid fan) I was excited to see the possibility for them being 'there'.

But then watching all the hoopla and debates on Favre, I followed the last couple of seasons the trash talk about him and really became a 'rooter' for him. He's doing what he loves(it's obvious) and getting paid. So what it's not for the team that he spent so many years with. If another company came up and offered me double...doing what I do and still keep my integrity....I'd do it.

So today...I'm conflicted as I'd like to see the Saints make it...but I'd love to see Favre be there in the end...THEN retire for good.

But alas, I can't have my cake and eat it too.

The Omnipotent Q said...

If the Saints were playing almost anyone else, I'd be pulling for them. I know most of the nation wants to see them win.

But I am a diehard Vikings fan, and want to see them win just one Super Bowl before I die.

Sounds like what I used to say about a certain baseball team we both like...

Steel36 said...

So sorry Q. It is a shame that someone had to lose. It was a great game and so sad to see you once against in the dumps.