Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bring On Dallas

The Dallas Cowboys made a pretty loud statement yesterday in whipping the Philadelphia Eagles, 34-14, and advanced to the next round, and will take on the Vikings at the Metrodome next Sunday.

It was Dallas' first postseason win since 1996, and I must admit I was pulling for Philly on Saturday. Not only because I don't like the Cowboys, but they have been playing some unreal defense lately. And also, the Vikings have beaten Green Bay twice this year, and they would have played the Packers-Cardinals winner had the Eagles got the win.

I was actually glad to see the Jets win in Cincinnati yesterday. The Bengals looked simply awful, as they seemed determined to destroy themselves, with dumb penalties and missed field goals. The Jets were simply the better team on Saturday.

But I was glad to see them shove it back in the face of that idiot Francesa, who on WFAN all but implied the Jets had no business being in the playoffs because their last two wins were somehow "illegitimate" in his eyes. (He kept calling them a 7-7 team in "real" games in 2009.)

Eat it, Fatso.


Rick said...

So far this weekend has to be one of the worst statistically in history (margin of games) (I am writing this wheil the Cardinals lead 17 nil).

Go Pats - oh wait they "played" already.They would have lost with Welker also

Rick said...

Thankfully Packers - Cardinals is turning into a classic rendering my other post somewhat erroneous :)

The Omnipotent Q said...

Will the Saints score 100 against the Cardinals next week, Rick? Helluva game today in ARZ!

Rick said...

Yes the Saints will score a lot but obviously Kurt Warner always plays well in playoffs so we shall see.

More venting on Pats - a team is obviously flat when a dive play on first play of game goes for 83 yards virtually untouched

The Omnipotent Q said...

Had a feeling it was going to be a bad day for the Pats after that first play. I was at Thom's, and there was little joy there all day.