Monday, December 17, 2007

Slappy "Apologizes" to Red Sox Fans

I don't know if many of you caught it, but Alex Rodriguez was profiled by Katie Couric on "60 Minutes" last night and issued an apology to Red Sox and Rockies fans for having the announcement of his contract opt-out upstage Game 4 of the World Series.

Like everything else Slappy does, it came off totally half-assed and insincere. He also firmly denied any involvement with any kind of performance-enhancing drugs. (We'll see what Jose Canseco has to say about that down the road.)

But the most interesting thing about the interview was when Couric brought up the name of agent Scott Boras. Just the way his face twitched said that he and Bor-ass aren't exactly buddies anymore.

When the segment with Rodriguez ended last night, I had just one overwhelming thought:

Thank God the Red Sox re-signed Mike Lowell.

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The Angry Tech said...

I couldn't find the video, so I don't know what faces he was making, but listening to the piece, he did at least seem to make no excuses, which is rare for him. "If I were a writer I'd do the same thing -- that's what you get when you do things the wrong way."

And as for his value, while I'm glad he's not a Sox, the question of his being "worth" $300 million is probably answered -- the Stankers will do 300 million in T-shirts and jackets alone.