Monday, March 13, 2006

Welcome to My Media Machine!

Hello everyone in Bloggerland: My name is John Brian Quinn and welcome to my new blog, "Mighty Quinn Media Machine." I am a writer at the Boston Red Sox fan site, and this new blog will be an extension of my baseball writings there. I'll be writing about the Red Sox, plus plenty more about the world around me.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and I will keep it updated as much as possible!


FINY said...

John I am so glad you finally joined the blogging world! You've got a daily reader in me (but I have a feeling you already knew that).


Ann Hammack said...

Congratulations my little Brooklyn Brother. I'm so proud of you!

Love you,

Ann Hammack said...

Congratulations my little Brooklyn brother.

I'm really proud of you!

Love you my friend,

Michael Leggett said...

Welcome to Bloggerville:
There's a link to your blog, embedded in my piece about "NY Fans", in the title.