Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day

March 17th has always been a special day in my life. It's a day that always makes me proud to be of Irish descent. I've got my Irish flag flying outside my house (and the flag has my family name and crescent in the middle of it). The Red Sox always wear their green uniform jerseys annually on this day in their spring training game in Florida. I've got my green turtleneck shirt on and I'll be wearing my Glasgow Celtic scarf tonight as well.

I wasn't able to get to the parade on Fifth Avenue but I did catch some of it on TV. It was a perfect day here in New York, not a cloud in the sky with the temperatures in the high 40s. (Earlier this week the weatherman was talking about rain and snow today but fortunately it didn't materialize.) Estimates were that 250,000 people marched up Fifth Avenue and another 2 million or so watched along the parade route. The Fighting 69th, the legendary New York-based Army troop, led off the parade as they have every year since 1852, but they were especially honored this year as they returned from a year-long tour in Iraq, where 19 of their ranks died in combat.

May God bless all 19 of them, as well as all of our brave military putting their lives on the line in Iraq and Afghanistan. They're always in our hearts.

I hope all of you enjoy this festive of holidays, whether you have Irish blood or not. I'll be back at Professor Thom's tonight celebrating my heritage. Erin Go Bragh!!


MissPhyggie said...

That was a great blog. I truly enjoyed reading it. I pray that your evening went as well as your day! Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
My nephew was in The Brien McMahon High School Marching Band from Norwalk, Connecticut and NBC put the camera right on his mugg! That was truly exciting to see. My other nephew (his brother) was in the drumline. The Brien McMahon Senators Marching Band did a fantastic job as well as all of the other bands. The troops, firemen, policemen, politicians and citizens did an outstanding job in that marvelous parade today.

Thanks for the great blog and thanks for inviting me to leave a comment. God bless you!

Michael Leggett said...

Mighty Quinn of Midwood, Brooklyn:
I was marching with the Queens County Ancient Order of Hibernians, on 5th Avenue;
Ran into some Lovely Lassies from Red Sox Nation, @ East 85th Street & 5th Avenue;
Had a Perfect Pint of Guinness Stout, poured in my usual Red Sox Nation Hangout, The Hairy Monk;
Got many a hug & kiss from The Lassies;
One woman named Hillary from Boston, finds Sportsnet NY to be very NESN-Like; another from Boston, asked if I was an infiltrator;
I told her "So Help Me RemDawg & DO, I'm Not."