Thursday, May 14, 2009

Trivia Q&A: May 13

It is very problematic when Trivia Night gets moved, and for the second straight week we weren't doing it on a Tuesday night. We had a good crowd turn out for it, and a few Trivia Night regulars made the pilgrimage to one night later to join in on the festivities. I'm always grateful to those of you who rearrange your schedules to take part. Thank you.

We had 12 teams come out, and we had some tough scores on the "Dead or Alive" category. More than one team wrote on their sheets about not knowing who many of those folks were (one even said "we're only in our twenties"). But the scores weren't too bad, and for "5-6-7-8 Trivia" they were fairly good.

IQ Trivia saw five teams within five points of the lead, and two teams got as many as four of the five correct. But the first place going into the round, No Talent Ass Clowns, held both teams off, and won over both of them by just a single point. Congratulations to them on a close shave of a win.

A reminder that next week we do not at this moment know when Trivia Night will be taking place. When both the Bruins and Celtics' playoff series conclude in the next few days, we will know more. I'm hoping for next Tuesday night, but I will have a definitive date as soon as possible. Stay tuned to my blog for updates.

Current Events
1. This controversial radio talk show host is suing the UK government after he was placed on a banned list of "Preachers of Hate" and cannot enter Britain.
2. A new Quinnipiac University poll has Americans approval of this country up 12 points since 2006 to 57%, the highest its been for this country in quite a long time.
3. Owners of many businesses in Crotia, having been burglarized numerous times, put cutouts of this movie tough guy in their windows, and the burglaries stopped.
4. This name was the number one name for newborn boys in America for the 10th consecutive year in 2008.
5. Jacob Zuma was sworn in as president of this African country this past Saturday.
6. Six people were injured when an elevator collapsed inside this iconic British tourist attraction on Monday.
7. 40 people died and over 300,000 were left homeless in this South American country when the most devastating floods in two decades hit the country.

Answers: 1. Michael Savage; 2. France; 3. Chuck Norris; 4. Jacob; 5. South Africa; 6. Tower Bridge; 7. Brazil.

Dead or Alive Trivia
1. Beverly Sills
2. Fats Domino
3. Doris Day
4. Linda Lovelace
5. Jack Lord
6. Les Paul
7. Sherman Hemsley

Answers: 1. dead (2007); 2. alive (81); 3. alive (87); 4. dead (2002); 5. dead (1998); 6. alive (93); 7. alive (71).

5-6-7-8 Trivia ("The Q Train")
1. The total number of US presidents who have died in office.
2. This is the number of pitches an MLB pitcher gets to warm up before every inning.
3. The number of judges needed to make a majority decision in the US Supreme Court.
4. This is the number of "deadly sins."
5. This is the atomic number of carbon.
6. This was the number of US senators accused of corruption in the Keating scandal of 1989.
7. This is the Interstate Highway number that runs from San Diego, CA to Blaine, WA.
8. Martin Van Buren was this number US president.
9. In Hinduism, there are these number of chakras.
10. The Dodgers, in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, won this number of World Series titles.

Answers: 1. eight; 2. eight; 3. five; 4. seven; 5. six; 6. five; 7. five; 8. eight; 9. seven; 10. six.

General Knowledge
1. Black forest cake is traditionally made with what fruit?
2. Which of the planets of our solar system was discovered in 1846?
3. Who composed the score for the movie "Batman" and the TV series "The Simpsons?"
4. What sports superstar released five rap albums in the 1990s?
5. The word "brut" on a bottle of champagne signifies that it is what?
6. According to Irish legend, what is a leprechaun's day job?
7. In what US city would you find the B&O Railroad Museum?

Answers: 1. cherry; 2. Neptune; 3. Danny Elfman; 4. Shaquille O'Neal; 5. dry; 6. cobbler (shoemaker); 7. Baltimore.

IQ Trivia
1. In 2000, what song did Rolling Stone and MTV select as the number one pop song of all-time? ( 4 points)
2. In 1976, "Saturday Night Live" filmed their first episode outside of New York in what US city? ( 4 points)
3. In May 2001, Erik Weihenmayer became the first blind person to do what? ( 5 points)
4. Who was the best selling recording artist of the 1990s, selling over 90 million albums? ( 4 points)
5. What year is the title of a 1995 song by the rock group The Smashing Pumpkins? ( 3 points)

Answers: 1. "Yesterday" by The Beatles; 2. New Orleans; 3. scale Mt. Everest; 4. Garth Brooks; 5. 1979.

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