Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Internet: An Amazing Place

As Jonathan Papelbon was struggling in the ninth last night and pitching to Mark Teixeira, ESPN (and thankfully I didn't have to watch YES last night) showed a teenage Red Sox fan in the crowd wearing that cool shirt: "Got Rings Lately" (pictured). It was red with a Red Sox logo on it, and it's a direct swipe at the Yankees and their inability to win a championship in this century.

I have a similar one, from the BLOHARDS. (BTW, I will be at their first meeting later today, doing some Red Sox trivia and giving away prizes.) I wrote about it last year, and have gotten many hits from fans looking for the shirt. Well, after the game ended, I went online and checked my SiteMeter numbers, and right at the moment ESPN showed that fella with the shirt, I had about a dozen hits on this site, all from folks around the country (obviously watching ESPN) who Googled "Got Rings Lately."

I was truly amazed that right in the middle of that inning, people who saw it wanted to know more about the shirt, and it you do Google it, my site is one of the first sites you'll run into.

Something cool to tell the BLOHARDS at the meeting today.

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