Saturday, May 23, 2009


My good friend and fellow Red Sox fan Matt Fortnow, who recently produced the film "Certifiably Jonathan," put together an award-winning short film called "Learned" a few years back, and he just recently put it out on YouTube. It is a look at a man's prejudices and how they drive him crazy in his mind.

It is quite a film, and it has no dialogue. The man sees words about the people around him on shirts and drives him near insanity. It is eight minutes, and definitely worth a look. (Note at the end the man has the World Trade Center towers behind him. The film was produced in 2001.)

A word of caution. The language on the shirts is very raw, using racial and ethnic slurs and the harshest of gutter language. So if you are offended by it, you may want to pass on the clip. But it makes quite a point.

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