Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Trivia Q&A: March 5

We had 13 teams in for Trivia on a cold Tuesday night in New York, and a crowd that was definitely into the Trivia. It was nice to see my old friend Alex Maloney back at Trivia Night after a long absence. We had a logjam of teams jockeying for first place through the first three rounds, and it was still very tight entering into IQ Trivia, with the top four teams just two points apart. But it was Diminished coming away with the win, as they were the only ones to get 4 of 5 correct in that final round, and wound up with 41 points and the victory. Congratulations to Ken, who flew solo last night and entered the winner's circle.

We had a tie for second place between Quizlamic State and Dumbs with 34 points, and we broke the tie with this question: "What is the current population of the region of Tuscany?" The answer was 3.7 million, and Quizlamic State was closer to the answer and wound up with second place.

Best Team Name: Robert Kraft Mac & Sleaze

Current Events
1. MLB on Fox recently conducted a fan vote about major league ballparks, and which AL venue was voted number one?
2. What performer became the first person in history to win a Golden Globe, BAFTA, Grammy and an Oscar in the same year?
3. What European country surpassed Italy to become the world's healthiest country, according to the 2019 edition of the Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index?
4. What legendary NBA player said last week he is putting up four of his NBA title rings up for auction among other memorabilia, as he will send proceeds to benefit his foundation?
5. What western US state was selected number one for the 7th time since 2008 as the "Happiest US state" in the Gallup National Health and Well Being Index?
6. Which Beatles album was certified 24X Platinum last week, and now is the third-best selling album of all studio LPs of all-time?
7. What American billionaire lost over $58 million on paper after shares of Weight Watchers, which she owns 8% of, lost 36% in trading last Wednesday?

New York City Trivia
1. What famous concert hall was restored in the 1980s after Isaac Stern and a group of music lovers fought to save it?
2. What New York City building and tourist attraction was the headquarters of Lex Luthor in the movie "Superman?"
3. How many World's Fairs have taken place in New York City since 1900?
4. Todt Hill, the highest point on the East Coast of the US south of Maine, is located in what NYC borough?
5. What current member of the US Supreme Court graduated from James Madison HS in Brooklyn?
6. Manhattan's East and West Sides are primarily divided by what street?
7. The Triboro Bridge connects Manhattan with which two other NYC boroughs?

The Q Train: Current TV Trivia (Name the Network)
1. American Horror Story
2. Game of Thrones
3. Brooklyn Nine Nine
4. Empire
5. The Walking Dead
6. Grey's Anatomy
7. Billions
8. Madam Secretary
9. Counterpart
10. Jane the Virgin

General Knowledge
1. Tuscany is a region in what country? ( 1 pt)
2. Between peanut butter, chocolate and peppermint, which should never be fed to doge because of an ingredient that is poisonous to them? ( 1 pt)
3. Which Beatles member was barefoot in the famous "Abbey Road" crosswalk photo? ( 1 pt)
4. "We're in danger of flunking most heinously tomorrow" is a famous line from what 1989 comedy film? ( 2 pt)
5. Dick Button won back-to-back Winter Olympics gold medals in what sport? ( 2 pt)
6. What famous singer is the subject of U2's song "Angel of Harlem?"
7. A skyscaper known as "The Gherkin" can be found in what city? ( 3 pt)

IQ Trivia
1. Who is the world's highest paid magician, having earned $61.5 million in 2017? ( 4 points)
2. Where on the human body is the opisthenar found? ( 5 points)
3. What ailment are you suffering from if you are diagnosed with mal der mer? ( 3 points)
4. What 2002 film is the highest grossing romantic comedy in the US of all-time? ( 4 points)
5. What late 19th century US president had 6 states added to the Union during his presidency, the most of any president? ( 4 points)

Current Events
1. Fenway Park; 2. Lady Gaga; 3. Spain; 4. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; 5. Hawaii; 6. The White Album; 7. Oprah Winfrey.

New York City Trivia
1. Carnegie Hall; 2. Grand Central Station; 3. Two (1939 & 1964); 4. Staten Island; 5. Ruth Bader Ginsburg; 6. 5th Avenue; 7. Queens and The Bronx.

The Q Train: Current TV Trivia (Name the Network)
1. FX; 2. HBO; 3. NBC; 4. Fox; 5. AMC; 6. ABC; 7. Showtime; 8. CBS; 9. Starz; 10. CW.

General Knowledge
1. Italy; 2. chocolate; 3. Paul McCartney; 4. "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure;" 5. figure skating; 6. Billie Holiday; 7. London.

IQ Trivia
1. David Copperfield; 2. Back of the hand; 3. seasickness; 4. "My Big Fat Greek Wedding;" 5. Benjamin Harrison.

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