Sunday, January 28, 2018

Fenway Park Never Fails to Impress

My friend Paul Swaney over at the great web site "Stadium Journey" recently posted their annual list of the Top 100 Stadium experiences across North America, and naturally Fenway Park landed in the overall Top 10. Check out this link to find out where it ended up.

Paul and his crew also have a Top 10 rank of stadiums by sport, all of the major league ones, and it also includes college and minor league stadiums as well. (As a Minnesota Vikings fan I was surprised that US Bank Stadium didn't crack the NFL Top 10. Oh well, I guess they have their reasons why it didn't.)

I also found it interesting that Citi Field cracked the overall Top 100, but Yankee Stadium did not. 

So, please do check out Paul's site. Worth your time to check it out, as he even has reviews of ballparks from sports from around the world.

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