Thursday, March 23, 2017

Trivia Q&A: March 22

It was another very cold night in New York last night, but we had another great turnout, as 21 teams took part in the Trivia festivities. We had an extremely tight race heading into IQ Trivia, as there was 7 teams that were within 3 points of each other. But the teams of DIMS and Team Mercy had a great final round, and both teams ended up tied at 42 points. So we broke the tie with a question based on one of the Current Events questions: "How many countries can you visit with a German passport?" (A German passport allows you to visit the most countries on earth, according to a new survey.) The answer was 176, and DIMS was closest to the answer, so they were crowned champions, their fourth win in the last five weeks. Their dominance continues!

Team Mercy took second place, and third place went to Kellyanne's Bowling Green Massacre, who finished with 40 points. We had a rare three-way tie for fourth, between Welcome Home Tom Brady's Jersey (Best Team Name winner), Ohio Against Tha World, and Chuck E. Cheese Better Watch Out!, all with 36 points.

Current Events
1. The Twitter account of this restaurant chain was hacked last week to attack President Trump with a very derogatory tweet.
2. What NBA Hall of Famer and 15-time All-Star said on his podcast last week he believes the earth is flat, but later on said on TV that he was only joking.
3. A recent study by the 2017 Visa Restriction Index ranked this European country number one in the world for allowing travel to the most countries on Earth.
4. A 39-year-old man was shot dead at an airport in what European capital city after he tried to steal a soldier's weapon?
5. The Vatican announced last week that Pope Francis will visit this Muslim country on April 28th in response to the country's president, who visited the Vatican in 2014.
6. What northern European country was selected number one in the 2017 World Happiness Report as the world's happiest country?
7. What team knocked out the second-seeded Duke Blue Devils last Sunday in one of the biggest upsets in the NCAA Men's basketball tournament so far?

Space Trivia
1. On July 20, 1976, Viking I became the first spacecraft to land where?
2. Exactly how many Apollo missions landed on the Moon: 5, 6, or 7?
3. Titan is the largest satelitte of what planet?
4. Within 5 million, how many miles are there between the Earth and the Sun?
5. At its closest, which planet is closer to Earth, Venus or Mars?
6. When Voyager I was sent into deep space in 1977, what rock'n'roll legend's song was included on it as an example of the sounds of Earth?
7. What physicist gained worldwide fame with his best-selling book about space, "A Brief History of Time?"

The Q Train: Name The Month
1. The Titanic sank in the North Atlantic in 1912.
2. The Challenger space shuttle exploded after liftoff in 1986, killing all 7 astronauts.
3. Japan signed the formal surrender to the US in 1945.
4. The Kentucky Derby is run on the first Saturday of this month.
5. Black History Month is this month every year.
6. The anniversary of the assassination of Julius Caesar is this month.
7. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is traditionally observed in this month.
8. The Stonewall riots, marking the turning point in the gay rights movement, occurred in 1969 in this month.
9. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally takes place in South Dakota for a week each year this month.
10. Canada Day is celebrated by our neighbors to the north each year this month.

General Knowledge
1. What is the most widely spoken language on Earth? ( 1 pt)
2. "Double Fantasy" was a 1980 album by what rock immortal? ( 1 pt)
3. Appomattox Court House, where the Civil War officially ended, is located in what state? ( 1 pt)
4. How many hours difference is there between Pacific Standard Time and Atlantic Standard Time? ( 2 pt)
5. What is the top-selling tie color in the US? ( 2 pt)
6. What hit 2010 film was based on the book called "The Accidental Billionaires?" ( 2 pt)
7. What western US state had the largest increase in population in the US between 2015 and 2016? ( 3 pt)

IQ Trivia
1. What Midwestern state is the only state in the US that still accepts pennies at their tollbooths? ( 4 points)
2. What is the real first name of the movie character Indiana Jones? ( 4 points)
3. What was the first human organ to be successfully transplanted? ( 3 points)
4. Pitcairn Island and the Cook Islands use what country's dollar as their currency? ( 4 points)
5. Who was the first actor to win Emmy Awards for acting, directing and writing for the same TV series? ( 5 points)

Current Events
1. McDonald's; 2. Shaquille O'Neal; 3. Germany; 4. Paris; 5. Egypt; 6. Norway; 7. South Carolina.

Space Trivia
1. Mars; 2. six; 3. Saturn; 4. 93 million; 5. Venus; 6. Chuck Berry; 7. Stephen Hawking.

The Q Train: Name That Month
1. April; 2. January; 3. September; 4. May; 5. February; 6. March; 7. October; 8. June; 9. August; 10. July.

General Knowledge
1. Mandarin Chinese; 2. John Lennon; 3. Virginia; 4. four; 5. blue; 6. "The Social Network"; 7. Utah.

IQ Trivia
1. Illinois; 2. Henry; 3. kidney; 4. New Zealand; 5. Alan Alda.

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