Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Trivia Q&A: October 22

We had 11 teams in for Trivia on a rainy night in New York on Tuesday night. We had a close race between five teams going into IQ Trivia, and top two of the teams were separated by just one point. And it remained that way as both teams got 4 of 5 correct in that last round,  the team of Effervescence emerged victorious, with 44 points. DIMS finished second with 43 points. (Last week it was the exact reverse, as DIMS got the win and Effervescence finished second.) Congratulations to Bob and Cato on their victory.

Third place went to Bill Taylor Can F**k with 33 points.

Best Team Name: Premature Speculation

Current Events
1. A Hard Rock hotel under construction collapsed in what southern city last week, killing three people and injuring a dozen others?
2. What actor pleaded not guilty to charges of sexual misconduct last week and prosecutors say 12 women will be called to testify against him?
3. What 1993 Robin Williams film is being adapted into a musical, and will debut on Broadway next April?
4. What city's public school teachers walked out on strike last Thursday?
5. A contestant on what game show won $263,000 in prizes last week, setting a new record for a long time TV staple?
6. The UN General Assembly voted to let what country onto the Human Rights Council last week, despite its history of human rights abuses over the years?
7. What Pop singer invited a fan on stage during a concert in Las Vegas last week and she jumped into his arms but the pair lost their balance and fell off the stage unhurt?

World Series Trivia
1. With the Nationals in their first World Series in 2019, what team is now the only one never to have appeared in a World Series? a. Mariners; b. Rays; c. Rockies; d. Diamondbacks.
2. What MLB Hall of Famer holds the record for the most World Series home runs in a career with 18? a. Joe DiMaggio; b. Reggie Jackson; c. Babe Ruth; d. Mickey Mantle.
3. What AL team did the Chicago Cubs defeat to win their first World Series in 108 years in 2016? a. Royals; b. Indians; c. Tigers; d. Red Sox.
4. How many times have the Red Sox won the World Series in the 21st century? a. 2; b. 3; c. 4; d. 5.
5. What AL team did the Mets defeat to win the 1969 World Series? a. Orioles; b. Red Sox; c. A's; d. Royals.
6. What Yankees Hall of Famer holds the record for playing in the most World Series, with 10? a. Babe Ruth; b. Joe DiMaggio; c. Yogi Berra; d. Lou Gehrig.
7. What NL team has won the most World Series? a. Giants; b. Cardinals; c. Dodgers; d. Pirates.

The Q Train: Yes or No Trivia
1. Did Led Zeppelin ever win a Grammy Award?
2. Is the Great Wall of China the longest wall in the world?
3. Has Coca-Cola always been a brown a color?
4. Was America the first country to use postcards?
5. Do goldfish suffer from motion sickness?
6. Do any words in the English language rhyme with the word "month"?
7. Is horseradish sauce of German origin?
8. Does tea have more caffeine than soda or coffee?
9. Does a mouse have more bones than a human?
10. Has Steve Martin, who hosted the Oscars, ever been nominated for an Academy Award?

General Knowledge
1. How many colors does a Rubik's Cube have? ( 1 pt)
2. What TV show featured Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Ryan Gosling as kids? ( 1 pt)
3. "All right ramblers, let's get ramblin'" is a famous line from what Quentin Tarantino film? ( 1 pt)
4. "Key and "Kaffir" are what types of fruit? ( 2 pt)
5. How many times did Edward Norton portray the Incredible Hulk on screen? ( 2 pt)
6. What civilization invented the wheel? ( 2 pt)
7. What gift are you supposed to get your spouse for your 35th wedding anniversary? ( 3 pt)

IQ Trivia
1. What two actor friends, best known for co-starring in a hit 2001 musical and then a revival of "The Odd Couple", returned to Broadway together in 2014's "It's Only a Play?" ( 4 points)
2. What early 19th century US president was the first president born a citizen of the US? ( 4 points)
3. What pop music duo had a minor hit at the start of their careers under the names "Tom and Jerry?" ( 4 points)
4. Michael Jackson once allegedly offered $50,000 for the bones of what person? ( 3 points)
5. The first Blockbuster Video store opened in 1985 in what southern US city? ( 5 points)

Current Events
1. New Orleans; 2. Cuba Gooding Jr; 3. "Mrs. Doubtfire"; 4. Chicago; 5. "The Price Is Right;" 6. Venezuela; 7. Lady Gaga.

World Series Trivia
1. a; 2. d; 3. b; 4. c; 5. a; 6. c; 7. b.

The Q Train: Yes or No Trivia
1. No; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. No, Austria; 5. Yes; 6. No; 7. Yes; 8. No; 9. Yes; 10. No.

General Knowledge
1. Six; 2. "All-New Mickey Mouse Club;" 3. "Reservoir Dogs;" 4. lime; 5. once; 6. Sumerians; 7. Coral.

IQ Trivia
1. Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane;  2. Martin Van Buren; 3. Simon and Garfunkel; 4. The Elephant Man; 5. Dallas, TX.

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