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Trivia Q&A: March 20

We had 12 teams in on Tuesday night, on the night before another storm hits New York (and really glad we moved Trivia over from Wednesday, as I doubt we'd be able to do it tonight!). I was also suffering from a lousy head cold last night, but fortunately got through the night unscathed!

We had another one of those "fantastic finishes" to the end, with four teams at the top with just two points between them. But it was the team of Snocos, who ran the table in the IQ Trivia round (the only team who did so), and wound up with 52 points and their first ever win. They were also one of those rare teams that was in first place the entire night and got the win. Congratulations guys!

Second place went to Yay For Spring with 49 points, and third place went to Dimlet with 47 points.

Best Team Name: Sister Jean's Trivia Team to the Sweet 16

Current Events
1. What nation expelled 23 diplomats from Russia last week and severed high level contacts after the nation's leader believed the Russians poisoned a former spy?
2. What airline issued an apology last week after a French bulldog puppy was put in an overhead bin and died during a flight last Monday?
3. Louise Slaughter, a Congresswoman representing what US state for 31 years, died last week after she recently suffered a head injury in her Washington DC home?
4. Jeff Flake, the retiring US senator from what US state, last week hinted he might challenge President Trump for the Republican presidential nomination in 2020?
5. The rep for what Oscar-winning actor denied published reports that the actor was moving himself and his family to Australia to "escape" from President Trump?
6. Tom Benson, a businessman and NFL team owner, died last Thursday at the age of 90. What team did he own, one that won its first and only Super Bowl in 2010?
7. What pop singer is currently embroiled in a legal battle over her purchase of a Los Angeles convent in 2015, and a nun in the fight over it collapsed and died last week at a court appearance about the dispute?

March Trivia
1. The birthstone for March is: a. garnet; b. amethyst; c. aquamarine; d. diamond.
2. Which of the following events always occurs in March? a. Black Month Month; b. Women's History Month; c. Daytona 500; d. National Poetry Month.
3. What happened to Julius Caesar on March 15, 44 BC? a. He crossed the Rubicon River; b. He was elected "Pontiflex Maximus"; d. He was murdered.
4. On March 27, 1964, what was the big news story in Alaska? a. Alaska becomes the 49th state; b. an 8.3 earthquake rattled the state; c. Alaska Pipeline was completed; d. Exxon Valdez oil spill occurred.
5. How many national holidays are there in March? a. none; b. 1; c. 2; d. 3.
6. In March 1976, Patty Hearst was convicted on which charge? a. kidnapping; b. drug possession; d. conspiracy to overthrow the government.
7. What year did the NCAA March Madness tournament expand to the 64-team format? a. 1979; b. 1985; c. 1990; d. 1996.

The Q Train: True or False Trivia
1. The novel "Dr. Zhivago" chronicles life in Russia during the first half of the 20th century.
2. Zachary Taylor was the first US president to die in office.
3. The state of Florida is located in two different time zones.
4. Painter Cassius Coolidge is best known for his paintings of dogs playing poker.
5. In Robert Lewis Stevenson's book, the first names of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are actually Thomas and Robert.
6. The month of December has consistently shown to have the highest suicide rate.
7. Iron is the most used metal in the world today.
8. Hamlet commits suicide in Shakespeare's famous play.
9. India has the most post offices in the world.
10. North Dakota is the only US state that borders three Canadian provinces.

General Knowledge
1. Fashion tradition says that white shouldn't be worn afterr what holiday? ( 1 pt)
2. What actor played Walter White on the hit AMC series "Breaking Bad?" ( 1 pt)
3. Fireworks were invented in what country? ( 1 pt)
4. In what southern state did the first Walmart open in 1962? ( 2 pt)
5. What state has the most shark attacks per year? ( 2 pt)
6. What iconic 1970s rock band first came together as backup musicians for Linda Ronstadt? ( 2 pt)
7. What video game company was originally founded as a producer of playing cards? ( 3 pt)

IQ Trivia
1. George Clooney won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 2005 for what film? ( 3 points)
2. What is the southernmost capital city in the world? ( 5 points)
3. What New England university is named for the first Jewish US Supreme Court justice? ( 4 points)
4. Mark and David Knopfler were brothers who formed what 1980s rock band? ( 4 points)
5. What is the longest river in the world that doesn't have any bridges crossing it? ( 4 points)

Current Events
1. United Kingdom; 2. United; 3. New York; 4. Arizona; 5. Matt Damon; 6. New Orleans Saints; 7. Katy Perry.

March Trivia
1. c; 2. b; 3. d; 4. b; 5. a; 6. c; 7. b.

The Q Train: True or False Trivia
1. True; 2. false, William Henry Harrison; 3. true; 4. true; 5. false, Henry and Edward; 6. false, June; 7. true; 8. false, stabbed to death; 9. true; 10. false, Montana.

General Knowledge
1. Labor Day; 2. Bryan Cranston; 3. China; 4. Arkansas; 5. Florida; 6. The Eagles; 7. Nintendo.

IQ Trivia
1. "Syriana;" 2. Wellington, NZ; 3. Brandeis; 4. Dire Straits; 5. Amazon.

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