Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Trivia and Bingo Updates

An important update as far as Trivia at Professor Thom's goes. Jim McGuire and I mutually decided that Trivia Night will continue to be held on Tuesday nights until further notice. Many of our regular trivia players told us that Mondays didn't work for them, so we will continue to have it on Tuesday. Right now I would say that it will be held on Tuesdays until at least the beginning of April, when the baseball season begins. We've decided to play it by ear from there to see if we will move it back to Mondays. If the crowds are manageable on Tuesdays, we will continue to have it then.

So, everyone, I hope to see many of you next Tuesday, February 13th, for our next round of trivia!

A Bingo update. I will be hosting Wednesday Night Bingo at PT's tonight at 9, as I will be substituting for the esteemed Mr. McGuire, who has a few personal things to take care of. It was a lot of fun hosting it a couple of weeks ago, and I hope to see many of you there tonight as well. Remember, free shots every time I call out O-69!!

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