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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Clinton vs Obama: Round One

Did you really think they were going to be civil to each other for the next 18 months?

Hillary Clinton yesterday accused Barack Obama and his camp of being hypocritical and using "the politics of trash."

Remember we're dealing with Hillary Clinton here, so you knew the gloves were going to come off at some point. I just didn't think it would be this soon.

It all had to do with media mogul David Geffen throwing Clinton under the bus, making some snide comments (he called her a liar), and tossing a cool $1.3 million into Obama's war chest.

But Hillary Clinton's got to be very careful with Obama. If it gets too vicious or personal, she runs the risk of offending many black voters, if she gets the nomination. While most won't vote for the Republican candidate in November, many would just stay home, and that would be a like a Republican vote anyway.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, get used to it. We are still over 20 months from the general election, and already the fun has begun.

Speaking of presidential politics, I read in the paper today that the leading Democratic candidates are lining up their powerful Hollywood friends to fill up their coffers for their presidential runs.

There was a list of stars and who their backing, mostly for either Clinton or Obama. You know, the usual suspects like George Clooney, Robert DeNiro, Oprah Winfrey and Matt Damon. I have no problem with celebrities endorsing candidates, as that has been going on since time began. Politicians love the star power of movie stars, and Hollywood celebrities love to rub elbows with those of the Washington elite. However, I have always been of the opinion that their vote is no more important than mine is. I really don't give a damn who Madonna or Curt Schilling wants to be president. They are Americans like me and can freely express their opinion. But when I walk into a voting booth, I let my conscience decide who to pull the lever for. Celebrity endorsements have no influence on me whatsoever.

But in listing the celebrities, they actually had a list of those who are supporting BOTH Clinton and Obama. That includes Barbra Streisand (figures), Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. I found this really rather silly. And I can only imagine that they are so politically correct that they can't be seen rooting against either a black man or a woman running for president. (Or they just want to be on the winning side right away, as either Clinton or Obama figures to get the Democratic nod.)

I can understand getting behind the party's nominee once that person has been chosen, even if you were pulling for someone else from that party. But that won't happen for at least 16 months. It's like rooting for the Red Sox and the Yankees from the start of a season. It's just not done.

C'mon guys. Pick one now, and don't worry about how it looks.

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Steve said...

Watch this video of the zClinton / OBama feud. It's fun!