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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Join In The Protest: Sign The Petition

I found an online petition to keep the Extra Innings package on basic cable, instead of moving over to DirecTV and shutting out millions of their loyal fans. It was started by Dan Asnis, a Mets fan from South Brunswick, NJ. As I write this, they have gotten over 2300 online signatures, including myself. To sign the petition, follow this link:

Senator John Kerry is going to bat for the fans in trying to head this deal off. I don't know if he will be ultimately successful but I'm with him on this. My friend Ryan at called his cable company about the Extra Innings package and was basically told it's a done deal with DirectTV. There's an interesting article in the New York Times about it:

I was changing channels during the week and stumbled across the Mike and the Mad Dog Show on the YES network. (I do my best to avoid that noisefest whenever possible.) A caller from Albany brought up the Extra Innings possible move away from basic cable, but those two empty-headed morons, Francesa and Russo, basically wouldn't talk about it, because "Mets and Yankees fans in New York don't care about it." While many may not, there are plenty of fans here in New York who don't support the NY teams, as well as Mets and Yankees fans in other areas as well as those who live just outside of NY area who need the package to see their favorite teams.

That arrogant blowhard and the marble-mouth jackass just don't see the bigger issue here.

It's not about local New York fans not caring. (Many do, as I know plenty who have Extra Innings want to see as much baseball as they can.) It's about MLB yet again screwing over its loyal fans for a quick buck somewhere else. And MLB could very well be in violation of their Antitrust Exemption. I categorically refuse to switch over to satellite to get the package. I won't change my viewing habits that radically to appease MLB.

It would be nice if more politicians joined John Kerry in protesting this move. Make your voice heard by signing the petition. Is it too late? I hope not. But if it is, I'll be watching more Red Sox games at Professor Thom's this season.


Peter N said...

I'm in......

Michael Leggett said...


Russo sounds like he has marbles in his mouth or like he has a bad case of Post-nasal Drip;

Mike & The Mad Dog-IDIOTS