Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Site Meter Numbers Soaring

Yesterday I had 136 hits on my site, which is the most I've ever had without a special link. (The most I've ever had in one day was 338, when the web site Gawker linked a story I wrote about Tower Records.) Twice last week I had over 100 hits, and last Friday and Sunday I had over 90. For the longest time I averaged around 50-60 hits per day. In the grand scale of the blogosphere, that may not sound overly impressive, but the first goal for my blog was to get consistently over 100 hits per day. We've just about reached it.

I really enjoy checking Site Meter and seeing how people out there find my blog. (I also recently added a service called Google Analytics, and that's another fascianting breakdown of those who visit me online.) Lately the numbers have gone up due to people finding The Mighty Quinn Media Machine through Google Image searches.

For many months I was getting at least a dozen people a day through a picture of Paul McCartney I put up on his birthday last June. A celebrity picture web site in Spain (I believe) linked the picture to my site, so I get a lot of people finding my site, especially from Europe and other Spanish-speaking countries. But now, I'm getting people from a whole bunch of other photos I've put on my site. The most popular ones include:

The World Cup Trophy from June
The Ground Zero Cross
Johnny Damon's grand slam from 2004 ALCS Game 7
Gabe Kapler posing with the Red Sox championship trophy with his family
The logo of Liverpool FC
The flag raising picture from Iwo Jima
A picture of Fenway Park I put up last May
A picture of Citizens Bank Park I put up in January
An American flag I put up on Memorial Day

I also get plenty of folks out there finding me through regular Google searches. By far and away the most popular one is "The Mighty Quinn." I would guess most people doing that search are trying to find out something about either the hit song of the 1960s (my theme song, by the way) or the Denzel Washington film of the late 1980s. I also get people into my site who are trying to find the sports columnist from the New York Daily News who uses the same nickname. (And he's not related to me.)

Other popular Google/Yahoo/MSN/AOL searches that people land here are the following:

The Doug Mirabelli "Day in the Life" post
9/11 searches
Tower Records searches

"Countdown to Spring Training" searches
The "Tough" Super Bowl trivia question
Trivia and Professor Thom's searches
"Mighty Machine" searches (I get a lot of people from Canada with that one; I have no clue what it is either)
"Mighty John Quinn" (Canadian wrestler)

I also get plenty of people who come here via the links I have out there on other people's sites, plus many from the blog groups I belong to. (You can see them with their colorful icons at the bottom of the left-hand column.)

Well, whatever brings people to my site is a good thing. And I hope you all keep coming back...

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