Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Softball Redux

After a four week break, I returned to the softball field this past Sunday night. My right hamstring was fully healed, so I gave it a go. I did plenty of stretching when I got to the field to guard against another injury.

But that wasn't the biggest problem. It was the field. The bases are normally covered by a tarp, but the heavy winds and rain took their toll on them, and left huge puddles by home, first and second bases. It was tough getting the water out until one of the guys who arrived had a huge broom in the trunk of his car. That made it easier, but there was still mud around those bases, so you had to be careful going around them.

It may have been the best played game of the year that I played in. I had a rather miserable night at the plate, though. I drove in a run in the first on a force-out, and that was my highlight for the night at bat. I went 0-for-7. I tried to go to the opposite field a few times, but I kept hitting it right at someone. I hit two rockets to the outfield that were both caught, and in the top of the final inning, I grounded into a double play. Perfect way to end it.

We ended up playing 14 innings. I pitched for three innings, played first base for five, and played two innings apiece at second, left and catcher. On the mound, one of the guys hit a liner back to me that I caught and it knocked me off balance and on the ground. The big blemish on my pitching was a grand slam home run I gave up. But it was an inside pitch that the batter drove out of the park. It was an impressive piece of hitting.

I was behind the plate when the winning run for the other team scored from second on a single. Final score: 15-14.

My hamstring held up well, and the only aches and pains I have are the normal ones I get after not playing for a while. I won't be playing next week, but if the weather holds up I hope to be back out there on September 17.

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