All-Star Game at Washington

Monday, September 18, 2006

Post Number 300

You can file this past weekend under the category of "getting a little dignity back." I was glad to see the Red Sox go out there and take three out of four in the Bronx, even if it doesn't mean all that much. But there were things that happened that made it a gratifying weekend.

--Seeing the 2006 AL MVP hit his 49th home run in the Belly of the Beast. Big Papi's now one away from the all-time Red Sox record.

--Stopping Derek Jeter's 25-game hitting streak in the second game last night. Did anyone else notice that Jeter swung at a 3-0 pitch in his final at-bat last night? Yeah, a real "team" player.

--Coco Crisp's phenomenal catch off Jorge Posada, going over the wall to save the game in the bottom of the eighth. Funny, I didn't see Johnny Damon acting like a complete fool after Coco made that catch.

--Watching the Yankee bullpen blow up not once, but twice yesterday. They can ignore it all they want, but the Yankees have pitching troubles, especially in their bullpen. They can put an All-Star at every position, but PITCHING WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS.

--Seeing the youngsters Dustin Pedroia and David Murphy get clutch hits in the games yesterday, and good pitching performances from Kyle Snyder, Josh Beckett and especially Mike Timlin. Nice to see Sarge bounce back in a big way.

--Denying the Yankees the opportunity to clinch the AL East at home, and especially against the Red Sox. "Not in our house!" a friend of mine, a Red Sox fan, said the other day. (Yes, it is. Remember October 20, 2004?) Let them clinch on the road.

It wasn't a weekend that will be fondly remembered in Red Sox history, but I'll take it. Beating the Yankees three times in the same weekend is always a good thing.

To cap off the weekend, my friend Chris voicemailed me to let me know that the segment I was a part of on "kayreoke" was shown late last night after the Red Sox second game win on NESN. I had left the bar and got home to see the bottom of the ninth of the game, so I missed seeing the NESN segment. (I knew I should have stayed longer.)

And oh yes, this is my 300th post since I began The Mighty Quinn Media Machine back in March. The numbers just keep rolling up...


FINY said...

It would figure that the one game I actually attended was the game they lost. Sigh. Add that on top of a humiliating Irish loss on Saturday and Finy was not a happy sports fan this weekend. Thank God for the Patriots!

Christine E. said...

Hey Q:

Congrats on your 300th post!

Good comments all, and I could not agree more on the whole love fest crap that hqappening on ESPN...and FOX....1/2 the time they were not even talking about the game!

Pathetic! And your right...the Yankees have some BIG problems, especially without Daisy Mo....

Go Sox!

Michael Leggett said...

Major League Pitching Problems:

I'm happy that the "Derek Jeter Suck Up Fest", is OVER;

& much of this was misinformation from Murdoch's In Print Version of FOX, the NY Post;

300 & still going like "The Energizer Bunny";


The Omnipotent Q said...

Thanks for the kind words guys, it's a pleasure to keep on ticking!

Peter N said...

Happy 300th...and to your NEXT 300. Each post is reading pleasure. So I say, thanks!