All-Star Game at Washington

Monday, September 04, 2006


As many of you who frequent my site often may have noticed, I am doing my best to get my blog out there in the world. I have found a number of blogsites where my blog is listed, such as TopBlogArea and (If you look down at where my clock is on the left hand side, you will notice the growing number of icons there.) The traffic on my site has definitely gone up because of it.

But today, I was rejected from a blog listing for the very first time. (I won't mention the site.) They examined my site earlier this morning (I saw their link off of my site meter) and they wrote me this morning to tell me that I was rejected because I have too much "non-baseball" content on my site for their liking, as they carry strictly "baseball-only"web sites.

For most of the other sites I've joined, it's just a matter of which section they want to carry your blog in, and I always put it in "sports." It's what I talk most about.

But when I founded The Mighty Quinn Media Machine, I made a decision that I wasn't going to be pigeonholed into one category to write about. Baseball and the Red Sox were going to be a major part of my ramblings, but when football season rolls around, I'd talk a little more about that. And I have also talked about other non-sports things, like many of the September 11 issues. I also made a conscious decision that I wasn't going to give the site a "baseball" or "Red Sox" kind of name.

Too much "non-baseball" stuff? I guess so. But they also had some kind of alternative for me, to get my site on their blog listing. But I would have had to pony up money to do so (all the blog listings I'm a part of are all free).

They won't accept me for free, but they will if I spend some money.

Sorry guys, I don't think so.


Michael Leggett said...

RandomFandomRedSoxNYC operates in the same manner as yours:

While primarily a Red Sox Blog, the Mets & other news, does appear.

Peter N said...

I want to know now, as soon as you can email me, exactly who that site counter was...and do I have it up on miy blog? Please email because to name them publicly does us no good...PLEASE! Thank you. I have an idea who it might be because they take forever to approve us, and I am waiting, but if it is who I think it might be, I'd rather blow them off first. We have to stick together, especially this oh so special and hurting week of September. Thank you in advance for the email. I mean it.