Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Unique Way To Make a Buck

As many of you know the iPad 2 went on sale yesterday at the Apple Store. And whenever something like this makes its debut, it attracts a crowd that just has to be first to get it.

A woman named Amanda Foote was first at the store in line, and she was there for nearly two days before she sold that "coveted" first spot to a guy from Brazil for $900. (That is worth nearly doubled what the new iPad sells for.)

I'll never understand this "I've gotta be first before anyone else to get this new gizmo" mentality. And to wait outside and brave the elements for days to be first is even more stranger. But Ms. Foote turned it into a money-making thing, and I can't blame her too much for that.

Here is a clip of the story:

But the big question I have of this whole story is: where was Greg Packer, that professional pest who once posed as a fake Red Sox fan at the Riviera the night the Red Sox won the 2004 World Series and big time media whore (far bigger than me) in this whole thing? He always seems to turn up at these things.

Have the Apple people finally gotten wise to this guy?

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