Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Chasshole Smears Stan The Man

Murray Chass, who was once a sportswriter and is now a bitter old man who despises bloggers but has a blog of his own, wrote a shameful column about Stan Musial recently getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama and how he didn't deserve to get it.

Stan is one of baseball's (as well as America's) better citizens, and The Chasshole (as we unaffectionately call this clod) talks about a time when Curt Flood was turned away from Stan's restaurant back when they were teammates in the early 1960s. It's a putrid column that the great baseball writer Joe Posnanski wrote a very eloquent rebuttal and defense of Stan the Man and what a complete moron Chass is.

Take the time to read it. Click here.


Steel36 said...

I read that Chass column and swore it was slander.

Chass must be bitter he no longer is at a big city paper or something. I wondered about the context of the stories mentioned in Chass'es column about Musial but realized that Chass is a bitter jagoff.

Reading that made me so disgusted.

Is Stan Musial a saint? No, but all the other instances I have seen and heard make him a decent man.

Chass just wrote i hit piece and is disgusting.

The Omnipotent Q said...

It made me just as angry, Ed. No one is without faults, including Stan Musial. But he has a rep as a very good man, with just about no one saying a bad word about him.

Except Chass.

I wonder if he just likes to write crap like this just for attention (in a Dan Shaughnessy vein), even if it is totally negative. Chass reminds me of the late Dick Young. He was equally as crotchity as his writing career was ending, too.