Red Sox Season Finale vs. NY

Friday, March 04, 2011

Putting The Heated Rivalry Aside

Here's a nice story from the Wall Street Journal the other day about the horrific injury Red Sox first base coach Ron Johnson's daughter suffered last year, and who came to the family's aid when they needed help: the New York Yankees.

Ron's daughter lost a leg when she was riding a horse and car ran into them. It happened last year and Johnson missed a good part of the season attending to his injured daughter. When Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long found out the Johnson family needed financial help, he gathered the Yankee players together for a meeting and told them what had happened.

Long and Johnson were old friends, as Johnson had helped Long get his first job in coaching. The Yankee players wrote out checks and sent them to Long, who sent them to the Johnson family.

Very classy and heartwarming move by Kevin Long and the Yankee players.

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