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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Vikings Take Adrian Peterson

The Minnesota Vikings made Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson their number one pick, at overall choice number 7, at the NFL Draft in New York today. It wasn't really a surprise, as the Vikes needed an impact offensive player, and many pundits figured he'd end up in Minnesota.

The Vikings passed on Brady Quinn, and suprisingly, 20 other teams did as well, until the Cleveland Browns, his favorite team growing up, selected him. Quinn looked shocked that he fell so far in the first round, and looked a bit haggard when ESPN interviewed him after he was chosen. Also as expected, Jamarcus Russell, QB of LSU, was selected first, by the Oakland Raiders.

The Jets selected CB Darrelle Revis of Pittsburgh, after they traded up with Carolina to get the 14th pick. The Giants took CB Aaron Ross from Texas at 20, and the Patriots took S Brandon Meriweather from Miami at 24. Here's the complete first round with analysis from Fox Sports:

I find it amazing every draft day that these so-called "experts" give each team a "grade" of how they drafted. How in the world can you possibly make that assessment of players who have never taken a snap in the NFL yet? I have seen too many times of players who were an absolute cinch to be a star in the NFL turn out to be busts, and guys who were nothing but afterthoughts turn out to be stars. You simply don't know, and especially on draft day. You have to wait at least ONE YEAR before judging a team's draft choices.

And what's with calling the last player drafted, "Mr. Irrelevant?" I know that's supposed to be a bit of comedy, but how many thousands of college players aren't selected? Aren't THEY more irrelevant? Hey, at least the player selected last has the satisfaction of saying he was picked by an NFL team, even if he doesn't make an NFL team.

I've never understood the logic of turning the last player taken into some kind of comic foil.


Steel36 said...

Dude-Mel Kiper has to pay for his hair shellac somehow!!!

Mr. Irrelevant was invented during the time of 18-20 round drafts when it was likely that the last guy picked would never be heard from again.

Tho Adrian Peterson on turf? holy schnikes!!

The Omnipotent Q said...

I liked the Adrian Peterson selection very much, although I thought the Vikings needed a QB or WR more. How he does on turf, we shall see...

Mel probably spends an ungodly sum on his hair I guess, and has to pay for it somehow...

Steel36 said...

Look Coach Childress and the Norseman have Tavares Jackson, He is "their guy" so he will get a LOOOONNGGGG look.

I want your opinion of Mike Tomlin as a head coach this season....

The Omnipotent Q said...

I liked Mike Tomlin as a defensive coordinator, as the Vikings had one of the greatest seasons in NFL history against the run in 2006. Sorry to lose him but he should be a good coach in Pittsburgh.

I also liked what I saw of Tavaris Jackson, although he was rather green in his games last season. He's a big kid and sure will get a long look in 2007.