All-Star Game at Washington

Friday, April 27, 2007

Another Record Day

For the second time this week, a new record for hits was set here at my site. We had an amazing 568 hits on Thursday, once again sparked by my "favorite" Red Sox player, Doug Mirabelli. That so-called controversy around Curt Schilling's bloody sock, and the fact that Mirabelli was dragged into it, drove my numbers up, especially when a poster over at responded to the article there by linking the Dougie post from my blog. Again, thanks for doing that, my friend.

The Red Sox swept the two game series in Baltimore, as Wily Mo Pena hit a grand slam in the eighth, and Josh Beckett pitched eight terrific innings and became the first 5-game winner in the majors. Jonathan Papelbon got the save as the Sox won, 5-2.

It's raining here in New York, and the possibility of a game between the Red Sox and Yankees doesn't look very good right now. Hopefully, they can get it in. This afternoon I'll be at the Yale Club in Manhattan for the BLOHARDS gathering. It should be a lot of fun, and I'll report on the festivities either tonight or tomorrow.


Peter N said...

Hi Q...congrats on you now and upcoming records...did you see my post and communication with a Japanese blogger named Superbowl-san? He cals me Peter-san, Q-san. I wish you could check out my last post and spread the worldwide RSN universe. Too much to ask? I sure hope now, after all we've been through. Your readers will be post says it all, and it has a link (title click) to his blog AND his Darkman animation. Classic stuff.....I hope you can do it. Peter...just a paragraph or two pointing RSN West to RSN East. I would forever be thankful. Thanks, in advance. Pete..I know you can do it!

Peter N said...

Sorry for the spelling. My heart was doing it, not my brain. But you know what I meant, and I'm counting on you and my blog friends. So thanks! So much...Peter

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