Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why Do I Detest Interleague Play?

Here's why:

The Red Sox played their final regular season game against the Minnesota Twins tonight. They played them only five times in 2010. That is exactly one game LESS than they played the Twins in Spring Training this year.

And the Red Sox will play six games against the National League Philadelphia Phillies this season (beginning tomorrow). One more than a team they could be battling for a possible wild card berth with.


And don't get me started on the inequities of the schedule that interleague causes. Those were 18 games taken away from teams in their own league in order to satisfy a handful of teams (Mets, White Sox for example) who will draw full houses for their crosstown rival. In other words, the Red Sox would have played those 18 against teams from the AL Central and West (many of whom they could be battling for a postseason berth with), but instead will play the Philles (six times, I guess they are their NL "rivals") and all teams from the NL West but the Padres. (And why NOT the Padres? Don't ask me to figure it out.) It has created havoc and it should be junked. And I don't care about the all-New York and all-Chicago series. They aren't special any more, as they play six times a year.

Just get rid it. I won't miss it.

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