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Friday, May 28, 2010

Get Out Those Old Photos

I thought I would let you know about a special project that baseball historian and former MLB executive Andy Strasberg is currently undertaking.

Mr. Strasberg (not to be confused with "Baseball Jesus," future Hall of Famer Stephen) is currently putting together a book (and possibly a documentary) of old baseball-related photographs from baseball fans from the last 100 years called "Fantography."

So far he has collected over 3,000 vintage snapshots and they have been from MLB, the Negro Leagues and the minor leagues. The photos are from the fan's perspective, and Mr. Strasberg will be in the Boston area during the week of June 7-14, and he is seeking submissions to "Fantography."

If you do want to submit a picture, it should have the people in the photo, when it was taken and the story behind it. Please do check out his web site for more information about this terrific project.

Here is Mr. Strasberg to explain his project:

Sounds like a great thing, and I wish Mr. Strasberg all the success in the world with it.

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