Thursday, May 06, 2010

We'll See If They're Right in 2013

Two-thirds of MLB players currently believe that Barry Bonds should be elected to Baseball's Hall of Fame, a recent anonymous poll taken by ESPN The Magazine.

Interesting results. I wonder if many of them are taking that insane route that "since Bonds was going to Hall of Fame even before he juiced, he should be elected anyway" crap. Yep, let's let cheaters like him and Roger Clemens who destroyed their legacies forever with the steroids in the Hall because they would have been in anyway.

Jeez. It would a travesty if Bonds gets into Cooperstown, without paying to get his way in.

I can't imagine many of them thought Bonds was clean or the victim of some "conspiracy." I dare anyone to read "Game of Shadows" and not tell me Bonds wasn't only a juicer, but a big time steroid user at that.

Also in this poll, the majority of players favored getting rid of the designated hitter; a clear majority would rather win a World Series than an MVP award and three most overrated players in baseball were all Yankees: Alex Rodriguez, Nick Swisher and Joba Chamberlain (big shock on that last one).

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