Saturday, May 08, 2010


Yet another putrid start by Josh Beckett. I'm glad the Sox didn't sign him to a contract extension. Oops...

The Red Sox needed for him to come up big against New York on Friday night. Once again, they look like a team that can't run with them or Tampa Bay, who won yet again on Friday night.

The title of this blog post describes Beckett's sixth inning perfectly. He struck out five of the first six hitters he faced, then he became completely unglued in the sixth inning. How can this guy go from looking like he's got no-hit stuff to looking like he should be sent down to the minors, all in the same game?

No need to recap this game. The Red Sox need to win the final two games of this series, and stop embarrassing their loyal fans with this version of baseball they are currently playing.

Otherwise, third place will seem more and more like a lofty goal for them for 2010.

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