Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Day of Memories

Every day I always remind myself how fortunate and blessed I am.

And yesterday it was on hand for all to see as my Mom and Dad celebrated their 50th anniversary among my family and friends in Brooklyn.

My sisters and I put together a party at Buckley's in Brooklyn that included a really nice video tribute to them, which included all kinds of photos of all of us from through the years. It was really well done and everyone really enjoyed it.

I had the job of doing the toast to them and I made it really short and sweet.

We had a DJ who did a terrific job with the video and music. Everyone seemed to have a great time, as the food was great and it was really nice seeing many folks I hadn't seen in many years.

It was a day my parents really deserved, and I'm so fortunate to have had such caring people who have been there for me at every twist and turn in my life.

I love them both very much.

And the day was capped off later in the night when I met some friends at the Bleecker Street Bar in Greenwich Village who I worked with many years ago at Tower Records. We've gotten together before over the last couple of years. The turnout wasn't very large, but it was nice to see those folks who did come out.

Tower was always a very special time of my life, and as the years have gone on (and the fact that Tower is now no more), it has meant even that much more to me.

Yes, Saturday really was a special day of memories.

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Rick said...

Congratulations to your parents. Let's get on track vs Yankees