Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pull The Plug On Matsuzaka. After 2010.


Terry Francona yanked Daisuke Matsuzaka out in the fifth inning tonight, and for good reason. Count me in the group that has had quite enough of him and his act.

Move him after this season.

You want to love this guy, especially after the splendid performance of last Saturday night in Philadelphia. He went up against one of the best offenses and just dominated. He won 15 in 2007, and 18 in 2008.

But tonight, he looks like shit against the worst team in the American League in terms of taking walks. Yes, 14th in the AL in drawing free passes, a team of free swingers. And what does he do? He walks eight, eight bloody Kansas City Royals en route to a 4-3 loss.

I actually feared a letdown after the last two terrific series on the road the Sox just had. And sure enough, the Evil Dice-K showed up, and started with that nibbling shit again, walked four batters in the fifth, as Kansas City scored three runs on one bloody hit.

Am I angry? You bet your buttocks I am.

I have grown really disenchanted with this guy. Tonight I just wanted to yell at the TV, "Throw strikes dammit!!" However, I am not one of these idiot yahoos who call radio stations, screaming and shouting, "Get this guy out of here, now!" (And God knows, there are enough of them who pollute the airwaves in New York. And Boston, too.) No, that's not happening now. But I really hope the Red Sox finally get as exasperated as I am now with watching Daisuke Matsuzaka try to nibble the opposition to death.

And now he's the only active MLB pitcher who has had two outings where he has walked eight and given up just two hits in the same game. Yikes.

I have no idea where the Red Sox can send him or for what. The Sox are still on the hook for two years with him after 2010, for a total of $20 million. Way too early even consider that they could get for him. I just hope that Theo Epstein will explore the idea this winter.

Watching him pitch is simply torture. It's exasperating. It's excruciating.



Peter N said...

If I had to choose between Wakes and Diasuke once Josh gets back, guess who I'd pick...Timmy in a NY minute (millisecond). Disgusting performance last night putting undue strain on the 'pen. Jeez!

Steel36 said...

Makes me happy that my Washington Nationals have some kid named Strasburg ready to go.

Some blogs have called Strasburg "Baseball Jesus."

The Omnipotent Q said...

Dice-K hasn't been a bust, as he was an important part of the 2007 champions. But he pitches like he's afraid of his stuff, or his defense.

I'll take Wakefield also, Peter.

"Baseball Jesus", Eddie? That makes me feel for the guy, as no one should be in a comparison like that. And funny, Strasburg has Boras as an agent.

Jesus represented by Satan...

Steel36 said...

Look Strasburg is a super talented kid, but just that-a kid. Every plan he has will last until he gets smacked in the face.

Stephen Strasburg is one guy, but he represents hope. The Nats need that and the resulting sell outs.

"Jesus represented by Satan"? How very "South Park" of you, Q.