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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Queens In The Islanders' Future?

An interesting article in today's New York Times about the possibility of the New York Islanders moving to an arena next to Citi Field.

Islanders owner Charles Wang (a fellow Brooklyn Tech grad by the way) has talked to the Mets owners about moving to an arena to be built next to the Mets' home park, and Jeff Wilpon has also talked to him about buying the Islanders outright.

I'd love to see the Islanders in Queens, as it would sure beat seeing them move to Kansas City, which has long been a rumor if the Islanders don't get a new arena, the Lighthouse Project, built in Nassau County.

But being purchased by the Wilpons? I don't know about that, to be honest. They're not exactly doing a bangup job with the Mets right now. But a move to Queens would certainly raise the Islanders profile considerably.

And I thought last night that if an arena at Citi Field doesn't work out, what about a move to the new arena the Nets are building in Brooklyn? That would certainly add more juice to their rivalry with the Rangers (and according to the article, the Islanders can legally move to Brooklyn). It would also reunite the Islanders and Nets in the same building, as they shared the Nassau Coliseum until the Nets left for New Jersey in 1977.

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