All-Star Game at Washington

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Who Was That On The Mound Last Night?

Could that have been the real Daisuke Matsuzaka? He looked very sharp against the Blue Jays, and in total command. The Red Sox cruised, 6-1.

He went seven innings, allowing just a run on three hits, while striking out nine. And he walked no one. He attacked the hitters (of course not literally, but didn't nibble around as he always seems to do, to drive everyone to distraction) and was never in any trouble. He even called it the best start of his Red Sox career.

The Sox got him some runs early, getting two in the first and another in the second on Jason Varitek's blast across Lansdowne Street.

His first two starts were worrisome to say the least. He seemed to have that one bad inning in both, but last night was a completely different story. He showed the pitcher the Red Sox thought they were getting in 2007. Now if that guy could show up just a little more often...

If the weather holds today, Tim Wakefield gets the ball for a spot start today in the finale of the homestand against the Blue Jays. And BTW, the Red Sox have now fulfilled what they had to do on this homestand, go at least 7-3. They have also won 7 of 9 since the disaster in Baltimore.

I guess the ledge isn't so crowded any more.

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