Monday, January 01, 2007

A Great TV Day

One of the things I love about New Year's is the "marathons" that are on over this holiday. One of the reasons I like to be home on New Year's is the nonstop marathons that are on most of the day. The SCI-FI Channel is showing "The Twilight Zone" all-day until 6 AM tomorrow morning, and it started yesterday aftenoon.

The Hallmark Channel is showing "M*A*S*H" all-day, and tonight, TVLand is debuting "M*A*S*H" with a marathon as well. (The Hallmark Channel one finishes at 8 PM, while TVLand's starts at 8. Coincidence, no?)

And of course, it wouldn't be New Year's without "The Honeymooners" marathon on Channel 11 here in New York (and they are showing my two favorite episodes, when Ralph and Ed do the live commercial, and when Ed teaches Ralph to play golf). Bang, zoom!!

And there is college football bowl games on all day until midnight.

My remote's going to get a workout all day today.

Last night and into this morning, Turner Classic Movies had a marathon of Marx Brothers films, showing such classics as "Duck Soup,""Horse Feathers," and "A Night At The Opera." Even after 75 years and more, they still hold up so well. It was treat to catch them, even if I have most of them on DVD.

I also saw parts of ABC's coverage of the Times Square festivities, "New Year's Rockin' Eve." It's now hosted by Ryan Seacrest, with Dick Clark in a studio at Times Square. It was really sad to see him last night, as he's still suffering the effects of a stroke he had three years ago. He slurs his speech, and almost sounds as if he's had too much to drink. Then when the final countdown began with 10 seconds left, Dick was about two seconds behind the clock as he was counting down. It was just incredibly sad to see him like this, as I was always a fan of his from his "American Bandstand" and "$20,000 Pyramid" days. I always tuned in to the New Year's Eve coverage with him, but now it's time for him to call it quits. (BTW, Ryan Seacrest as host can't hold a candle to Dick in his prime, and don't get me started on the musical acts they present these days.)

Thanks for the nice memories, Dick. But I think it's time for you to enjoy your millions in retirement.


Anonymous said...

"Hellooooooo, Ball";

"Hello, Ball";

"Norton? Bang! Zoom!"

Classical TV, inspiring "The Flintstones" & possibly "Family Guy."

Anonymous said...

College Football is so boring My dad has tortured me into watching 3 of them already today.AND he is trying to get to watch the one at 8:30 tonight.Joy.They are so boring this MICHIGAN-USC game is turning outto be a laugher.

Christine E. said...

I agree, Quinn, it's very sad to see how Dick Clark is now, as I can remember many a New Year's Eve spent with him...

I like New Year's Day because it's acceptable day to lie around and do nothing--I think it may even be a law in some states...LOL

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Kaylee! I hope you kept watching to see the game of the year--Oklahoma vs. Boise State. Trick plays, high scoring, double overtime, and an underdog showing guts and winning on the final play.

I never miss the Twilight Zone marathon. And I'm proud to say I've mentioned it on my blog for three consecutive years now!

The Omnipotent Q said...

The last minutes of Boise State's win over Oklahoma was simply incredible. And the guy who scored the winning 2 point conversion proposed to his girlfriend after the win. Something for everyone!!

Anonymous said...

"Will it core a apple, O Chef Of The Future?"

"Oooohh, it will core a apple!"

My all-time favorite episode and one of the tightest situation comedy episodes ever shot. Even with the wonderful ad-libs from Gleason and Carney during the "rehearsing the commercial" scene, there wasn't a wasted line in the entire show.

The Omnipotent Q said...

It was simply terrific Suldog. It's my second favorite "Honeymooners" episode, after "The Golfer," when Ed teaches Ralph to play golf.

"First you address the ball. Hellooooo ball!"

Never ceases to leave me in stitches.