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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Check Out This Pizza

For many years, my sister and my brother-in-law have been claiming that the world's best pizza was made by a pizzeria in Brooklyn called DiFara's. I had never had it before, but this afternoon they were over with my nieces, and brought along some pizza from the place, so I could judge for myself.

It was pretty damn good. The best in the world? Could very well be.

There'a a pizza place by the Brooklyn Bridge called Patsy's that a few people have told me is the best they've ever had, but I can understand why people rave about DiFara's. My brother-in-law had to wait about an hour after ordering two pies, as there was a big crowd waiting, as there always is. He was also telling me that DiFara's has a worldwide reputation, as tourists will travel deep into the heart of Brooklyn to get this pizza.

I can understand why. The crust was a bit thin, but the taste is terrific. We had both the plain and sausage pizza. It is also a bit pricy (a regular pie goes for about $15), but it is really worth it. DiFara's is at 1424 Avenue J, near E. 14th Street. I found more about DiFara's on this website:

I have always said that the best pizza in the world is made in Brooklyn (and not Manhattan) by Italian guys. DiFara's just reinforced my feelings. And fortunately for me, DiFara's is just one stop on the subway, or a good stretch of the legs, away from my house. I'll be back there again soon.


Michael Leggett said...

Manhattan is overrated, anyway:

The Real NYC is in the Other 4 Boroughs.

Fenway Blogger said...

There was an article in The Cape Cod times today about a Food Blog ( attracting tens of thousands of readers. Link to article is
You may already know about them but it was interesting to me to read.

Kaylee said...

man if i coud get rid of these asthma attacks my life would be better!

Kaylee said...

THANK YOU SAINTS!but a pats victory will make me happier if that is possible.I am as happya s the people in NO right now!

The Omnipotent Q said...

You got that right Michael!

I'll check on that article, Kevin, thanks.

I hope you're feeling better Kaylee. Good for the Saints, as I am pulling for them. The Pats are in for a fight on Sunday, but it should be a great game!

Kaylee said...

I am hanging in there:) I am not usally awake at this hour but I cant sleep I am to happy I just cant bring my self to the fact that it is almost midnight here I should be in Bed:)IT WILL BW A GOOD GAME TOMORROW:) GO PATS and in the NFC i am pulling for new orleans=)

Kaylee said...


Peter N said...

OOOOO, you might get a few (at least one-me) comments about the New Haven pizza made at Pepe's.....if you're ever North and a little east of the city, you cannot go wrong! Simply the best.....I have a story about St. Croix, where my parents had a house before 1989's Hurricane Hugo wrecked our everything down there. The best pizza...on a small island named St. Croin USVI? And it was. I'll have to write about it, and soon, in these pre-spring training days of mid-January when Sox news is sparse.. And I will---thank you for the idea! Put it this way---the best pizza, beer, and three great dart boards, correctly aligned at 5 feet to the center of the bull-eye! Makes me a little sad, because that was my Dad's favorite place. But....that's it for now. I have to save SOMETHING for my article called CURT'S CAVE. Go PAT'S.

laura said...

I am so uncultured - I think the best pizza I've ever had was from Uno's! Though I've only been to NYC once, and only for 2 days, so that's my excuse.

David Stefanini said...

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Peter N said...

David,you have great taste! Just follow some of my links and you'll find so many great places. Q is UP there! I promise! This has been a paid political announcement (not). And I approved of this message (yes).

The Omnipotent Q said...

Thanks David, I added your site to my vast link list. And thanks Peter, for the nice comments as always.